Axxcess - Lubilaing EP

Who is Axxcess?

Kevin Wellington, a.k.a. AXXCESS was born and raised in the community of Church Pen, old Harbour, Jamaica.

In the age of eight AXXCESS show up his love and interest in music and wrote his first song in the age of thirteen.


being encouraged by popular artists in his community, he decided to follow their footsteps. Since then, he went on working with various producers both local and overseas to release singles such as "Gun Thing" and "Lubilaing" wich was released August 26, 20116 and was featured in the Jamaica Observer September 17, 2016 and is gaining local buzz.


On January 27, 2017 his Debut EP was released Worldwide wich include six songs.



Whats the meaning of Lubilaing?Lubilaing means to have a good hygiene. To be clean.


This is the Title of AXXCESS Debut EP wich includes 6 Songs.



01 - Murdera

02 - Gun Thing

03 - Iron Balloon

04 - Mama

05 - Keep Yuh Mouth Lock

06 - Lubilaing


Watch the Videos below from his Single Lubilaing and Murdera wich are both included in the EP You can buy it on Amazon, iTunes, Deezer and Spotify.


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